Way of Life Weight loss and Fat Reduction Programmes

In South Africa 65 % of our population is overweight. Most people who have tried some of the thousands of diets have given up hope and will develop serious illness, conditions and ailments sooner or later. On our Way of Life diet programme, you will enjoy the leisure of our accommodation and all meals will be supplied. You will be monitored and motivated to ensure that you have success and have motivation to follow a healthy lifestyle in the future. Note: For the best results it is recommended that you follow the programme for at least 10 days or more. The healthy environment and good results will motivate you to break bad habits and follow a healthy lifestyle in future.

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Massage Therapy

Massaging is a natural therapy which has been used since the origins of mankind.
We perform typical Head, Neck, Shoulder and Back/ Foot and Leg/ Full Body Thai/ Sport and Couples Massages in a tranquil calming and peaceful environment for the maximum benefits of our clients.

The effect of massage is:

• relaxation
• a feeling of well being
• warming
• improved circulation
• stretching
• Breaking down of scar tissue
• Adhesion

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