About Us​

Quality Wellness Spa

Quality Wellness Spa is situated in Bluewater Bay Port Elizabeth walking distance from the beach. This beautifully equipped establishment with its peaceful atmosphere, indoor pool and friendly staff specialize in the following:

  • Fat and cellulite removal for men and women using the most modern safe, non invasive technology namely the Five in One Cryolipolysis. 
  • Ozone combined with powerful natural technologies to enhance circulation, strengthens the immune system and detoxifies the body down to cellular level. It is one of the most advanced and effective treatment for detox, anti-aging, fitness and well-being in the market worldwide. 
  • Help overweight people who have given up hope to lose weight and to change their lifestyle with our weight loss/ Fat Reduction programs. 
  • To pamper people in a tranquil atmosphere with our range of massages and to assist athletes with injuries. 
  • To promote overall health using a COMBINATION OF OUR TREATMENTS.
  • To present excellent 4 Star accommodation for people who join in one or more of our extended programs at the Spa as well as business men and holiday makers.